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- Solutions marked as [A], i.e. 'automatic', are PRELIMINARY AUTOMATIC LOCATIONS.
They are derived by an AutoLocation procedure using all available automatic picks from the stations received in real time at NOA, including the following networks: NOA(HL), AUTH(HT), UPSL(HP), NKUA(HA), ITSAK (HI), HMU (HC), GSD(CQ), GEOFON(GE), MEDNET(MN), INGV(IV), RESIF(CL) and KOERI (KO).
Type [A] solutions have not been revised by a seismologist and could contain information of uncertain quality. They are updated automatically as new data streams in.

NOA does not provide any guarantee for this information and the risk derived from improper use is assumed by the user.
When type [A] solutions are revised by a seismologist, then they are marked as [M], i.e., manual'.
For detailed seismological information, please visit the webpage of the NOA HL Seismological Network.

- Solutions marked as [M] have been manually reviewed by a seismologist.

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